Learn surfing at a fun Surf Camp in Portugal

Surfing is a way of life

Have you dreamed of the beauty, freedom and rush you will experience riding waves? We would like to help you make it happen!

Our licensed and insured surf school has a competent team that lives the dream. We teach children, teenagers and adults to surf - safely and quickly. If you would like to give it a try, our licensed instructors will get you fast results. 

Portugal is the European Surf Mecca

If you would like to learn how to surf, there is no better place in Europe than Portugal. Gota d'Agua Surf Camp is not one of the oldest surfcamps, but it is certainly one of the best. We start with a great location: Lisbon. We are only twenty minutes from the Lisbon International Airport. Our Surf Camp is a 10 minute walk from the beautiful beach of Praia Såo Joåo. The conditions are ideal for novice or beginner surfers and intermediate and advanced surfers alike. The warm Atlantic Ocean brings us consistent conditions which are better than anywhere else in Europe. You have read about the huge conditions in Nazaré and similar locations. We all love to read about them and enjoy the pictures - but few of us are able to surf in those conditions. The conditions in Costa da Caparica are ideal to learn surfing.

Surfing around Lisbon

The 50 kilometers of beach on the Costa da Caparica (Lisbon) coast will provide you with a wide variety of surf conditions.

  • Praia da Sao Joao usually has very clean surf conditions and is a great location for beginners
  • Praia Tarquinio-Paraiso is perfect for advanced surfers
  • Praia Fonte da Telha has smaller but very nice surf conditions. The vibe in Fonte del Telha is also rather unique, as the area has little commercial development.

All of these beaches are a sandy beach breaks. No reefs or rocks on the sea floor to cause injuries here!

Our Ideal Climate

The temperatures in Costa da Caparica allow you to surf all year around. The water in the winter usually does not fall below 16C. Nonetheless, a good wet suit is recommended in the winter. 

Average Air Temperatures
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
14C 14C 15C 16C 17C 18C 19C 20C 20C 18C 16C 15C

Surf Tours

If for some reasons, the conditions are not good at Costa da Caparica, we have a shuttle service that will take you Carcavelos, Cascais or Guincho. Gota d'Agua Surf Camps also offers surf trips to Ericeira and Peniche. For advanced surfers, we offer Guided Surf Tours.

Great Accommodations

Some surfers believe that accommodations are not that important, as you are on the beach or on the water most of the time. We beg to differ. We think the environment is a large part of the overall experience. We therefore strive to provide our guests with a clean, friendly base from which they start into a great day. We even offer bathrooms exclusive for the ladies.

Fun in the Sun

We have more to offer than just great surfing. The enthusiastic team of Gota d'Agua Surf Camp will not only make you feel at home, but make your vacation special. We surf together, we share meals together and last but not least we party together!

Lisbon is one of the most interesting cities in Europe...